Wednesday, September 16, 2015

looking back

I thought I’d never write here again especially that the last entry was almost three years ago by now, tho I mentioned before that I can’t keep up more than one blog at a time I love to look back at the first ever blog that introduced me to some many things, so many possibilities and a million and one experiences that I keep account because there’s this blog to remind me how far I’ve been. Far does not mean success of the blog really but the journey it took me and the happy thought it brought about.

The blog started because I really wanted an online journal, the foodie and travel thing actually were just icings to the cake, what I wanted from the start was to document my life while I’m still at my stable mind, to recollect bits of my childhood, the awkward teenage years, my early beginnings at the corporate world and so the mid-life crisis. J

Tho mostly photo essays and babble then I were dismayed when someone hacked the account and deleted many parts of my story. You just don’t know how much time I invested and researched went by to finish a single post. Anyhow, as I begin the third blog at the early part of the year I realize how blogging has changed me, I learned from my own mistakes mostly. And it feels good when you realize how you’d become better each day.

Taking it slow. I’d like to but with the recent bedlam and unpleasantries and loss of a love one I’d like to satiate my need to express the pain, I need to write more to communicate my thoughts, I need to keep myself occupied to stop my brain from reeling over and over again on what happened.

In pain. I am and I don’t know how soon my road to recovery is.

Lost. I pray night and day that God will not forsake me at this difficult time that God will lead the way and carry me should I become weary along the road.   

I’d like to believe that I’m okay each day as I leave home, Christmas is fast approaching, 100 days from now and people are counting. I’d like to embrace the holiday and be excited as it come other than there are plenty of issues on my palm and I need brainwaves to sync right. I’m not allowed to do mistakes.

Enjoy happy days! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

the Holiday post

One month from today would be my favorite holiday –it’s Christmas Day! And like every year I’m excited of the long prep onto that day. Yes! the kid in me would be forever in love with Christmas trees, lanterns, gifts, Noche Buena feast and Santa Claus. It’s the day for everyone to be merry and happy so the old folks should not consider it for kids alone. Probably on a more grown-up thought we see that it’s the time of the year to pay it back, to forgive, to love more and to make wishes come true. So this year I want to wear a Santa’s hat and be Mrs. Santa for a day!
For the past 3 years husband and I normally comes up with a small charity event for neighbors in Makati but with last year’s series of events including the very hectic Christmas month we have to discontinue. Nevertheless we organized a small party for our house helps who deserves an appreciation for the service and attention my family gets back from them. For me more than anyone else they deserve the treats as we don’t make a distinction of which they are or what they do, they are considered as part of the family. They aren’t perfect, they commit mistakes every now and then but it’s an accepted reality that nobody is perfect. And being the family I consider my only treasure I want to start my little charity with them. After all, I should start making these two my favorite quotes from now on “Charity begins at home” and “Family first before anything else”. I’m not cooking up something big but I believe no matter how small it may be it would help them and their family. Remember that it’s the thought that would always count. Anyhow, we are targeting a small feat on the 24th and I hope everything will happen as how we wanted it to be.
Another handiwork I’d to happen is to gather all my in-laws side in one roof for a night of catching up over a bountiful of feast that we will all share together. I love the fact that we normally reunites with them once a year during Holy Week but it would be more fun if we’ll have this get together during Christmas time. I look forward to see everyone around. Now, we still have the maternal side get-together, the E-cousins Christmas tradition (which I’m afraid may take a hold back again), party with my Piltea family, another party with my girls at work, I’m not complaining it’s that I’d be one busy bee as Christmas Day come close.
By the way, you don’t need to spell shopping to me. I’ll do it in one big day!
Merry Christmas everyone, I’ll save Christmas Day for B!


Friday, May 25, 2012


Heeyah! I’m shortly backed after five months, actually not from any kind of hiatus as you all know I am maintaining a separate journal here. I miss blogging in blogspot but somehow cannot afford to write here regularly. My sorry.

Anyway, to my friends (and to my “stalker”) who stayed subscribed to this blog, I am very well. Life has been good the past two years though health may not be fitting like those early years. Leoncio and I remained a picture of a happy couple always ready to give our big palate a treat. J Kiddin’ aside, we may have gain weight briskly but we remained to be the same being inside –affectionate, bighearted, supportive, humorous and selfless. Meanwhile, our big baby B continues to be her adorable self to family and friends and despite our physical separation she remained to be our dearest.
Travelling is another love. Aside from the fact that we love to travel by land, we love to fly and we’ve been to two major destinations this year. To update, we have one more to go before the year end.
While everything is going smooth in our home, I somehow miss the life outside – the nightlife, vacations and coffee chats with friends. I miss my girl friends and my P boys! And I look forward on seeing everyone, if ever you find this post emotional as is please ring me so we can catch up. J
I won’t make longer verses here but you are always welcome to come back!
Happy weekend to everyone dear!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

hello there!

A year ago I moved to wordpress to continue my writings and to start a new beginning. Though, I almost shut down this page I ceased the idea. Why would I do it? Why would I wipe out something I started, something that gave me merits, something that I can call my own? I was shaken by my resentment but not for long. I should not have wasted a single second musing on people, things and happenings that weren’t important after all.

While this blog will remain active, my life continues, my journey will go on…

Please visit the new leaf of this page,


And thank you to everyone dear! :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CAVA Handbags x DE Giveaway! by Drowning Equilibriums

Yet, another freebie is out from Drowning Equilibriums (so generous and I love it!).

These times at stake are CAVA bags, a favorite bag brand of the author, which I find chic and looks sturdy. And I would agree, yea, it looks expensive dear!

There would be 3 winners for this promo that will be taking home a CAVA bag of their own.

I love this red messenger bag!

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